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Keyloggin With Crypting,Binding,Icon Changing
2010-08-14, 5:29 PM
Hey guys this tut is for all ho are new and maybe there are some people that are good in hacking but this will help him.
All the credits go for me in writing this and in this tut.

What we will learn in this tut
-Use Keylogger program
-Crypt the server
-Bind it
-Change the icon

Resource hacker :
So let’s start

What is a keylogger ?
A keylogger is a program that you use to create a server or what ever you want to call it and this server you send to people and then when they click on there keyboard anything it will be saved to logs and will be sent to you by email or ftp( but in this tutorial we will talk just about email logs) and from this you can hack the email and password of any website you want .
What’s a Crypter ?

But nothing in life is that easy there are some problems so a the server my be detected by antivirus so we need to make it undetectable and there are some keyloggers and the one I’m using is fully undetectable (FUD) but the server my not be undetectable for ever cease every day anti-viruses are updated and they now about anything so we need a tool called crypter to crypte or make it undetectable the server and crypters two are updated.
FUD: Fully undetectable.
UD: Undetectable.
Scantime : if you seen this one on a crypter this means that this one will be undetectable in scan time it’s like when the anti-virus or anything is scanning it
Runtime: and this one is like it’s undetectable when you run the server .
What’s a Binder?

So you need to spread your server to your victims but they aren’t taking it yes no one will take a server like this cease they aren’t interested but if you melt it with a fake program example facebook poker hack they will please you to take it so we need a program called Binder this program will bind or melt the server with any other file and mostly used is the fake program this one is to trick your victim about a program that is not real you will see it in the end of the tut .
What is Icon Changing?

Every one now what is icon changing is like replacing the icon of the program with an icon you choose but why this is used in hacking? it’s used cease the more you make your victim believe you ,you are getting closer to the top of what you need so we use a program called icon changer to change this ,but in my tut we aren’t going to use an icon changer cease I will teaches you to use resource hacker to do this and it’s easier and have more features .
Use Keylogger program

so now download the keylogger I gave in the beginning it’s not mien it’s the The 7th Sage keylogger he made it and I’m using it cease it’s so simple and good for our tut
open the keylogger you will see this :

[Image: vmr4ls.jpg]

-Now in the Gmail username put in your Gmail account and in the Gmail password put in you password
then try to test it if it works then you continue if no see what’s the problem
-name the server
-and choose and interval, and interval is the time between every message to send so it’s better to put it like 15 minute then
-in the options choose the first one and the second is like add the server to startup like every time the computer is turned on the server will work again and if you want you can disable task manager and regedit if you want
-The fake error message , this one you can use if you don’t want to bind it with another program like you can put an error message saying there are an error.
-now the Trojan downloader this one is used if you have a file or another server on the internet uploaded (direct upload) to download it and open it
-finally build the server
Now we have the server built so we finish up the first lesson

Crypt the server
we talked before about crypting so we are going to use a tool called DTCrypt v1.0 download it if you haven’t and this one two is not mien credits go to darkvista46 .

[Image: 30mu0w8.png]

so crypting is so easy what you need to do is just load the server that you have made and click on crypt and that’s it so easy then you will get a file crypted and it’s FUD offshore cease first the keylogger is FUD and the crypter two .

Bind it
so now it’s time to bind the server with other program so download the fake program and the binder and these two programs aren’t mien the binder Sh!T Binder is for †FenimiN† and it's so well programmed and I love this tool and this binder is good cease you can bind mp3 and wma and more thing like this with it so let’s work.

[Image: mufsio.png]

[Image: 2rm3w9v.png]

Click on file one and choose the server the file two and choose the facebook poker hack or the fake program and click bind and wait and they will be melt together and there we finish this part .
Change the icon.

This is the last part and is very important cease will teach you how to use resource hacker to change the icon
1-Download resource hacker and open it.
[Image: 5]

2-Go to File>open and choose the last file the melt one called binded-file.exe

[Image: vrtqtz.jpg]

3-Click on icon then on action and choose replace icon

[Image: 2yxod8l.jpg]

4-then click on open file with new icon and choose the .ico file and you can choose and exe file too it will take there icon

[Image: nx9y4k.jpg]

5 then click ok and save and refresh and here you go the icon changed .

So now send what we made to your friend and that's what you will receive to your email

and when you open a message you will see this
[Image: Emissaryproof.jpg][Image: 99lxev.jpg]

thanks for reading this and hope this helped you .

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